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Un royaume sans frontière – A Kingdom without Border

Michel Couturier
2018 8’04 ‘’

video 4K. Sound – non spoken
direction, images etc.: Michel Couturier
Sound design: Yannick Franck
Colour grading: Miléna Trivier
Produced with the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation
and the collaboration of the association Arte Contemporanea, Catania, Italy

Poetical exploration of the Sicilian harbours
Sicily, outpost of the Western world in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea whose harbours ensure circulation and transit, to the goods mainly. The port facilities are devices devoted to handling but also to fencing, to control and to security. A whole set of barriers and utilitarian architecture occupying the landscape and challenging the mountains and the ocean. Those places are not at a human dimension and seem unliveable and hostile.
The conditioning and the control that we experience there are not fundamentally different from those developed in the rest of the public space, they are just bigger and more obvious.
The birds are free and laugh at the fences. They fly over them and contemplate.

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