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L’enlèvement de Proserpine The abduction of Proserpina

Michel Couturier
2018 7’45’’

video 4K. Sound – non spoken
direction, images etc.: Michel Couturier
Sound design: Yannick Franck
Colour grading: Miléna Trivier
Produced with the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation
and the collaboration of the association Arte Contemporanea, Catania, Italy

According to the legend, by the shore of the Pergusa Lake in Sicily, the god Pluto abducted Proserpina (also called Persephone) and took her to the kingdom of the dead, the inferno. Nowadays, an automobile racing circuit encloses the shores of the mythological lake.
The abduction of Proserpina is a kind of exploration between present and mythological past, an attempt to decipher contemporary as well as immemorial landscapes: the Lake of Pergusa, the racing circuit and also the Etna.
A stroll during which past and present times are visited.

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